Tali Jam Fos$il Strap Jam pengganti Kulit Asli Jam Quick Release Tailor Uk 18 mm 18mm

Rp225,000 Rp225,000
Brand owned Unknown, Tali Jam Fos$il Strap Jam pengganti Kulit Asli Jam Quick Release Tailor Uk 18 mm 18mm cheapest Rp225,000 sale since launch 154 item sold with 123 likes and reviews 81 unconfirmed store but due to warehouse is in KOTA JAKARTA UTARA so Feeship
  • Masa Garansi: Tidak Garansi
  • Material Strap: Kulit
  • Harga yg tercantum adalah harga satuan

    Tali Jam Fos$il Strap Jam pengganti Kulit Asli Jam Quick Release Tailor Uk 18 mm 18mm

    Lug Size : 18mm ( 1
    Buckle Size : 16mm ( 1
    Lenght Size : 7
    Material Kulit Asli ( Dijamin )
    Tersedia 5 warna kulit/Skin : (18 mm)
    Calfskin Brown / Coklat Kulit Balik
    Midnight Blue Navy / Biru Tua Navi
    Buckle Material :
    New Model Buckle
    Mohon Cantumkan Warna Kulit Dan Buckle Bila tidak diisi keterangan akan kami kirimkan random
    #Happy Shopping

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