LP Workshop Day 8: Play-testing

Now that we had a map of our game/scene, we were eager to test it out on an unsuspecting audience member.  Our guinea pig today was going to be none other than Play Company’s own Kate Loewald. Before she arrived, we also incorporated another new element — actor Chris Andrae was back in the rehearsal […]

LP Workshop Day 7: Choose your own adventure

We continued mapping out the Fukushima scene as a video game today, which proved to be a lot like reading (or constructing) one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80s.  God I loved those books. We were trying to create not only a variety of different possible trajectories for the story, but […]

LP Workshop Day 6: Stepping into video games…

We started to play with a video game format today, basically transforming the very realistic scene about the two sisters in Fukushima into a video game.  That may seem like a very odd choice, and it felt pretty risky in many ways.  But I wanted to begin to tap at into the potential of placing […]

LP Workshop Day 5: Shifting Gears… Fukushima

After spending half of the workshop period on the storyline of Brighton Beach / Pripyat, today we embarked on a journey in another direction.  With the wonderful actresses Saori Tsukada (former collaborator of John Moran and more recently in hoi polloi’s All Hands) and Makiko Ikeda along with Magin Schantz, we created a scene that would […]

LP Workshop Day 4: Field Trip to Brighton Beach

It was the perfect day for our field trip to Brighton Beach — it was warm but overcast, and since the rides at Coney Island were not yet operating, the boardwalk had a desolate feel.  We were very lucky to have our tour of the neighborhood guided by Veronika Litvinova, who is something of a […]

LP Workshop Day 3: Chekhov

There was something that clicked into focus for me yesterday when we juxtaposed Masha’s description of her childhood apartment with images from Pripyat, specifically a photograph taken from inside a dilapidated room, looking out the window at the abandoned ferris wheel. Something about the collision of description and image worked well to create a confusion […]

LP Workshop Day 2: Reality vs. Memory

Following the exploration of memory, today we looked at how we might transition from “present reality” into “memory” seamlessly.?I’m looking for keys in which these transitions might occur — in other words, opportunities for one shared reality to split into two (or more) states of reality. For example, if the kids start playing a video […]

LP Workshop Day 1: Memory

The first day of rehearsals with actors Masha Pruss and Chris Andrae (and long-time collaborator Magin Schantz). After introductions and extensive warm-up which included an open physical improvisation, we moved into “memory.”  I asked each actors to think about a place or house they were extremely familiar with and to which they felt a strong […]

Ludic Proxy — where did it begin?

There were several things that fed into the conception of Ludic Proxy, and the ideas behind the show are being refined constantly. First the title: Game designer Kevin Slavin coined this phrase to describe his experience of having become so intimately familiar with the streets of Tel Aviv from playing the video game Counter Strike […]

Ludic Proxy kick-off

Development on Ludic Proxy has officially begun! Throughout May 2012 we will be workshopping and experimenting and refining our ideas/vision. Our first day of workshopping was more of a brainstorm/production meeting with myself, Jeanette Yew (video/lights), Jian Jung (set), Magin Schantz (collaborating actor), and Caitlin Bartow (intern). After discussing the origins of the project (which […]

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